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General introduction
1336547938233725.jpgQingdao Science Culture Communication Co., Ltd (QSCC) was established in 2009. The company mainly engaged in the following projects: international conference organizing, conference services, conference proceedings services such as collection, paper review and edit organization, and plane advertisements exhibition design and production, etc.
Till now, QSCC has invested nearly 5 million RMB in company development, mainly in products and service promotion, market development, and human resources introduction and training. Now nearly 80% of our employees own Master degree or above. Through years of development, QSCC has established cooperation relationship with Chinese Book Import and Export Corporation, Shandong Analysis and Testing Institute, Qingdao Analysis and Testing Institute, Queensland Polytechnic University, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Northeast Petroleum University, Qiingdao University, 1337054632058322.jpgWuhan University of Science and Technology and Beijing University of Technology, etc. And we have successfully held more than 20 international or domestic conferences for our clients. Because of professional and excellent services, our company has wan very good feedback and high evaluations from our clients, and has owned high reputation in our business fields.

Main business services
Academic conference planning and services
Excellent conference planning is the premise of perfect service. QSCC has set up ad professional conference service planning team and provide personalized services according to the requests of our clients. We have also set up good relationships with many hotels in domestic and abroad, and has had the ability to held international conferences in many scenic tourist resorts according to the requirements of clients. Our conference services include venue booking, hotel reservation, equipments installation and regulation, advertisement gifts design, hospitality etiquette, participants’ shuttle and catering, and other related activities during and after conferences, etc.
homeIn recently years, QSCC has successfully held many high level international academic conferences for Universities and academic institutes, such as, 2012-2014 International Forum on Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering,2013-2014 International Conference on Applied Science, Engineering and Technology;2014 International Conference on Architecture Science and Civil Engineering;2013 International Conference on Mechanical, Material Engineering;2013 International Forum on Materials Analysis and Testing Technology, etc.

Conference proceedings services
From 2009 to 2012, the participants on the four Qingdao Analysis and Testing Institute annual conferences held by QSCC were totally near 8000. And till July, 2014, QSCCC has collected and edited more than 10 thousand papers for the conferences, and papers accepted and submitted to the publishers after as proceedings and journal more than 4000 papers. All the papers have been published on CA or JA and most of them were indexed by EI.
To control the paper qualification, QSCC has a set of strict paper review and process rules. Besides, our company has set up good relationship with many universities and institutes, and also has owned a group of high leveled reviewers, who are all professors, experts or researchers from the universities and institutes. For a participants submitted conference paper, our conference editors will firstly review whether the contents is in accordance with the theme of the conference, and the whether the language expression is qualified for publication. And then the editor selected papers will be sent to more than two professors or experts of related study fields for further review. The papers passed review will be collected in the proceedings and submitted to the publisher. And for part of the excellent conference papers, we can recommend them to the suitable professional journals for publication if the authors agree.     




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